16 photos of women before and after makeup

For many women applying daily makeup is a must for the morning. Many people can not even imagine leaving the house without their lips and eyelashes painted. But if we are talking about professional makeup, then he does not just make women a little more beautiful, but is able to completely change their appearance. The following photos show the difference between natural and created beauty. Choose yourself, spend an hour in front of a mirror, or more time to soak in a warm bed.

1. A tired person becomes energetic.

2. For the wedding, this girl chose a make-up in natural colors.

3. This makeup was also made for celebration.

4. Incredible Transformation!

5. It seems that these are two different girls ...

6. Light glowing make-up for an important event.

7. This girl seems more confident.

8. Make-up with a bright accent on the eyes.

9. Make-up for the prom.

10. Evening make-up for going to a nightclub.

11.TThis make-up adds a girl age. But she does not seem to mind ...

12. A natural look for daytime and chic for the evening.

13. Makeup changes the face beyond recognition ...

14. Makeup for a date.

15. This girl made a festive make up on her 16th birthday.


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