15 ideas for landscaping home interior

Would you like to make your home more green and environmentally friendly, but you still have not decided to start planting? Perhaps these ideas for placing greenery in the house will give you inspiration.

Have you heard about the sign that the process of a flower needs to be plucked imperceptibly, then will it take root better? Well, if you believe in omens and you already have several processes in your house, prepare for them such a nice hanging nursery from plastic bottles.

Single cups from the old service will remind you of tea drinking in the old days and will perfectly cope with the new role: to please you with pleasant smells of fragrant lemon balm or basil growing on them on the kitchen table.

Pots on the ladder look quite original and they visually lift the walls - this is the property of high objects in the interior with a low ceiling.

Empty wine bottles serve as beautiful pots for flowers. The water in the bottom of this design allows you to forget about watering for several weeks.Similarly, plastic bottles are used in the embodiment suggested above.

A metal box with succulents is another interesting idea.

A small terrarium in the aquarium

A vertical garden will allow you to create a moderately humid and fresh microclimate in an apartment through a process known as evapotranspiration. In addition, it will protect against excessive noise from the street or from neighbors.

Vertical garden in the world today is the top trend, and this is well deserved.

A wooden box with greenery transforms the room, making it visually more attractive due to the freshness of the color and the texture of the leaves.

Glass jars with layers of stones, earth and greenery at the top look artistic and original in this minimalist presentation.

Plants in tea jars on the windowsill emphasize the rustic style in the country or in the kitchen.

Glass shelves with plants on the window will protect from excessive sunlight and prying eyes, as well as brighten the view from the window on gray days.

The table-flowerbed in the rest room looks unusual and gives a pleasant calm and relaxation.

A garden with greenery in the kitchen is pleasant to the eyes and good for health!

Plantui Smart Garden is a new invention for the cultivation of kitchen plants that does not require land.

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