14 stars who had depression after giving birth

It is also called “baby blues”. This is a condition when a young mommy feels not happy at all, but depressed, sad and frustrated.

Many women believe that postpartum depression is generally an invention. Whim. “You have nothing to do. You get angry with fat, ”complaining about his not very happy state, it’s very easy to run into a similar rebuke. However, doctors say something else: depression after birth really exists. And it can turn into a serious illness, if you do not ask for help. Or, at least, to poison you the most joyous months of life.

W’Day gathered stars who did not hesitate to go in defiance of public opinion and confessed that they also suffered from baby blues.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Stars that have suffered from postpartum depression
Photo: @gwynethpaltrow

In 2006, the actress gave birth to a son, Moses, her second child. A year earlier, she admitted that she was suffering from depression due to the death of her father. And the birth of a child only aggravated the condition of Gwyneth.

“I moved, did something, cared for the child like a robot. I felt nothing. At all. I had no motherly feelings for my son - it was terrible. Could not feel the close relationship with her child. Now I look at the photo of Moses, where he is three months - I do not remember that time. My problem was that I could not accept that something was wrong. I could not add up two and two, ”- admitted the Hollywood star.

El macpherson

Stars that have suffered from postpartum depression
Photo: @ellemacphersonofficial

53-year-old supermodel - the owner of the nickname "Body". It does not affect the laws of time. El Macpherson remains as beautiful as she was in her youth and before the birth of two children. Why would she be depressed? However, the fact. Strongly about his disorder El did not spread. But she said that she immediately asked for help: “I was walking step by step towards recovery. I just did what I had to do, and I turned to specialists because I had a lot of problems that needed to be solved. ”

Alanis Morrisett

Stars that have suffered from postpartum depression
Photo: @alanis

Canadian singer raises two children. Alanis had problems with emotional stability before giving birth: she struggled with bulimia and anorexia.Her weight at one time ranged from 45 to 49 kilograms. So after the appearance of the son and daughter, the singer's psyche did not stand.

“The depth of my postpartum depression shocked me. I knew what depression was. But this time I was struck by physical pain. Broke arms, legs, back. Body, head - everything hurt. It lasted 15 months. I felt like I was covered in resin, it took me 50 times more effort than usual. I could not even cry ... Fortunately, this did not prevent my connection with my son, although I think she became stronger when I recovered, ”the singer frankly said.


Stars that have suffered from postpartum depression
Photo: GettyImages

Incredibly popular singer is now waiting for her second child. For the sake of motherhood, Adele is even ready to leave the stage, which she promised to do. Maybe she will change her mind, but this is a matter for the future. In the meantime, it is worth remembering that after the birth of the first child, she had to contend with her depressed state.

“After Angelo was born, I felt inadequate. Sorry, but this topic confuses me a lot, I am ashamed to talk about my feelings at that time, ”Adele confessed.

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