12 inspirational interiors, which are worth seeing all the owners of small kitchens

Nowadays, the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, it is often here the whole family gathers in the evenings. Do not forget about this, thinking through the design of the kitchen. Remember that it is perfectly feasible to organize space competently even in a small kitchen. We found for you very cozy and stylish ideas for the design of a small kitchen.

1. Style and simplicity

In a small stylish kitchen, we managed to place a functional set with an abundance of cabinets and drawers, open shelves for dishes and a small table with a chair for meals and rest.

2. Modern honeycombs

The original apron of hexagonal ceramic tiles, which has become a key detail of this space, has become a stylish detail of this kitchen.

3. Loft Kitchen

And in this kitchen embodied a bright design with a colorful apron, bar counter, bright cabinets and an abundance of open shelves.

4. Exquisite style

5. Traditional style

Blue walls with classic cabinets, a corner shelf and a compact dining table are a great idea for those who appreciate comfort and homeliness.

6. Minimalism

7. Calm elegance

8. Contrasts

9. Bold design

10. Home comfort

The combination of three completely different textures classical ceramic tiles, floral wallpaper and masonry makes this kitchen original.

11. Blue sky

12. Dining area

A charming modern small kitchen with a built-in dining area, decorated with wood and equipped with several shelves, and a sliding table top serving as a dining table.

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