11 unusual ways of using cupcake molds

Muffins love almost everything. But even if you are on the strictest diet or do not like to cook at all, be sure to get cake pans. After all, they can be used not only for baking. Here are some incredible ideas that might not have occurred to you.

1. Portion control

Both children and adults often abuse sweets. It is practically impossible to abandon the harmful delicacy completely, but you can control the amount of the portion. Get yourself a rule to measure a certain amount of cookies or sweet flakes with a mold. Fill the remaining cells with useful vegetables or fruits. So our brain will receive a signal that there is a lot of tasty food and will not ask for a harmful additive.

2. Freeze the vegetable cocktail

In summer and autumn the vegetables are fresh and juicy. And this method of storage as a freeze allows you to save most of the vitamins. Simply grind the vegetables or their mixture in a blender and pour over the molds.Unlike standard forms for ice, cake pans just allow you to freeze one portion. Transfer the cocktails to the package after freezing and store in the freezer. Cocktail can be eaten as a sorbet, or added to soup and pasta. In the same way you can store fruits and berries.

3. Bake stuffed vegetables in them.

Tomatoes or peppers can lose their shape during baking, or even crack and lose all their stuffing. When cooking in this form, the vegetables will remain intact and will not turn over, and thanks to Teflon coating, it will be very easy to get them.

4. Put ice cream in them

If the kremanochka is not at home, and you need to treat the whole company with a cold dessert, you can pack it in a similar way. Not the worst alternative to a large package with a few spoons on the table. You can pre-pack ice cream and put on the cold. Then it remains to just get the form and distribute a treat.

5. Use as a form for handmade soap.

Everyone who enjoys soap making knows that professional forms can be quite expensive. But no one bothers you to pour mass into the baking dish. Silicone fit perfectly!

6. Freeze lemonade

In hot weather, you need to drink plenty of water. In order not to store a jug in the refrigerator, simply prepare citrus-flavored ice in advance. Put lemon, orange or lime in the molds and cover with water. After simply add one or more pieces of ice in a jug of water, and a refreshing drink is ready.

7. Pour the sauces

A party in nature with a kebab or barbecue is rarely complete without sauces. Most often because of the lack of dishes they are served directly in the package, it can hardly be called exquisite serving. Instead, you can fill with different sauces the shape of the cupcakes and supply each with a separate spoon. Since there are more cells than standard sauces, show your imagination and come up with your own. Guests will appreciate the original idea and be sure to choose exactly what they love the most.

8. Prepare a hearty breakfast.Grate raw potatoes and onions, salt and add spices. Top in a raw egg and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes. This dish will not yield to taste what you would fry in a frying pan, but for health it is much more useful.

9. Fold the little things in the garage or office

Even the old, failed form should not be thrown away. Put in it useful things that need to be kept in order. Clips, rubber bands and buttons now will not roll around the lockers randomly. And in the garage, where a lot of bolts and studs, the form and there will be no price at all.

10. Mark the beds

Instead of worrying about how beautiful your landings will be, take control of your business. By applying the mold to the freshly plowed soil, you can achieve the perfect geometry. It remains only to scatter the seeds and walk with a rake on top. Especially the method will be relevant for those plants whose yield depends on the frequency of planting.

11. Plant succulents in them.

These little plants need very little soil, and they look very impressive together. Just drill in the shape of a hole to release excess moisture, and fill them with earth. Succulents are very easy to care for, so not even the most attentive houseplant lovers are suitable.

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