11 stars who became moms this summer

Many of them have already been able to regain their former forms after childbirth.

They say that summer children are distinguished by good health, and they are also very kind, they love animals, they take care of nature with care. They are sensitive, emotional and at the same time capable of great deeds. This summer made many star families happy by giving them wonderful kids.

Anna Khilkevich

“It was a difficult, but very fruitful night!” Anna Hilkevich announced on the morning of August 20. 31-year-old actress became a mother for the second time.

The happy father is businessman Arthur Volkov, with whom Anna has been married since 2015. Together they raise daughter Arianna, now she is two years old. And now Ariashi has a younger sister who was named Maria in honor of Masha Belova, the heroine of Anna Khilkevich in the TV series Univer.

Photo: @annakhilkevich
Photo: @annakhilkevich
Photo: @annakhilkevich
Photo: @annakhilkevich
Photo: @annakhilkevich

The actress confesses: when Arianna was born, she was very difficult.

“She was capricious, I worked a lot, my first child, jealousy of the nurse, a radical change of circumstances and, of course, my strongest desire to be a good mother and wife.Due to the lack of experience of motherhood, I had many difficulties, ”admitted Khilkevich.

Now everything is different.

"It is necessary, in order to get enough sleep, it was only necessary to have a second child," says Anna. This time she decided to take a short break from work and devote herself entirely to motherhood. And the main rule of Khilkevich: rest when the children are sleeping.

“Remember: good sleep is a great lactation,” Anna teaches.

Lera Kudryavtseva

This year was special for the presenter. In May, the 47-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva first became a grandmother. For the gift you have to thank the only son of Kudryavtseva - Jean, who is already 28 years old. And the grandson of Lyova, the baby was so named, was born the day after the birthday of the famous grandmother.

And on August 13, Lera herself gave birth. The girl was called Maria. The father of the baby, hockey player Igor Makarov, the soul in the child does not like.

“My love,” he signed a touching photo with her daughter’s tiny pen.

Photo: @leratv
Photo: @ igor_makarov82
Photo: @leratv
Photo: @leratv
Photo: @leratv

The girl's starry couple does not yet show the face. It is not surprising: Kudryavtseva hid her position to the last.

However, parents nevertheless ordered a professional photo session.Mom was delighted.

“I never thought that we would take pictures of the baby all the time in a dream,” the TV presenter shared with the fans. And who knows, maybe very soon Lera will share photos of her daughter.

Anastasia Kostenko (Tarasova)

July 10, the 24-year-old model and Vice-Miss Russia Anastasia Kostenko first became a mother. The wife of football player Dmitry Tarasova gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Milana.

“I never would have thought that immense happiness can be a height of 50 cm and a weight of 2,940 grams!” Wrote Anastasia on Instagram.

She gave birth to a model in an elite maternity hospital in Lapino - our celebrity's favorite maternity hospital. Here Ksenia Sobchak, Anna Khilkevich, Elena Temnikova, Albina Janabaeva and many others gave birth.

Anastasia on the 6th day after birth
Photo: @ kostenko.94
Photo: @ tarasov23
Photo: @ kostenko.94
Photo: @ kostenko.94
Photo: @ kostenko.94
Photo: @ kostenko.94
Photo: @ kostenko.94

Present at the birth and future dad.

“Thank you for being courageously beside me on one of the most beautiful days: forcing you to walk along the corridors of the clinic, trying to hasten this wonderful and unforgettable event - the birth of our daughter, put your shoulder when it was barely tolerable and unpleasant”, shared impressions of Kostenko.

And already 6 days after the birth, to the envy of many, the model boasted a perfectly flat stomach.However, Anastasia started to go in for sports only after a month and a half and only after the permission of the doctors.

“I tried to squat - towards the end, my legs trembled treacherously and my muscles ached for two days. Well, it's okay, a start has been made, and this is the main thing, ”the young mother encourages herself.

Anastasia Shubskaya (Ovechkina)

24-year-old model and the wife of hockey player Alexandra Ovechkina gave birth on August 18. The boy was named Seryozha.

“Thank you, my girl, for the most beautiful day in my life,” Ovechkin then wrote in his blog.

During pregnancy, evil tongues often criticized Anastasia for gaining too much weight. Fortunately, the expectant mother did not take all these attacks to heart.

However, Shubskaya really gained a lot.

“On the day of birth, my weight gain was 21 kg,” an Instagram model admitted. “At the same time, I cannot say that the volume in the arms or legs has greatly increased.” I watched the diet throughout the pregnancy, very rarely allowing myself sweets. ”

Photo: @nastyashubskaya
Photo: @nastyashubskaya
Photo: @nastyashubskaya

The baby was born large - more than 4 kilograms.

“I am very grateful to him that he decided to be born a week earlier and did not gain such weight as his dad had. Sasha was born 5.5 kg. ”

Fearing stretch marks, right after the birth, Anastasia put on a stretching bandage. And after 3 days the stomach disappeared altogether. 13 days after birth, the model posted a photo in a bathing suit, boasting perfect forms.

“I try to eat often, but little. For breakfast, egg and yoghurt, for lunch a salad, for dinner, chicken or fish, snacks on fruit, cheese and coffee with milk, no sweet or flour. Once a week I go to my doctor for laser sculpture of the abdominal area plus lymphatic drainage, as well as at home I do a salt scrub and wrap. ”

Maria Adoevtseva

On August 7, the former participant of the reality show “Dom-2” became a mother with many children. Maria and her husband are already raising two daughters, and now the family has been enlarged with a son, Ilya.

“I would never have imagined my husband so tender until a son appeared,” Maria admits. - He nurses him all the time, and with whatever words he doesn’t care for, he can't look at all. The husband has flourished, he has become animated, he is going to be his father's son. ”

Photo: @_prosto__maria_
Photo: @_prosto__maria_
Photo: @_prosto__maria_
Photo: @_prosto__maria_

Now Maria is seriously determined to get herself back to her old forms. And although she gained only 10 kilograms for pregnancy, she still cannot boast a slender waist after birth.

“I remember, after the first birth, the stomach went away in a week and a half, and then the baby was soon there a month, and I still go with these pregnant centimeters,” Adoevtseva admitted.

The postpartum linen and salon procedures help to restore the figure of Mary.

“I hope that in a month I will be slim again,” Maria shares with subscribers.

Marilyn Cerro

Fans of the “Battle of psychics” closely followed the novel of the Estonian witch and the magician Alexander Sheps. However, these two psychics did not seem to be destined to become a family.

Little is known about the current elect of Kerro. He lives in Norway, works as a carpenter, his name is Mark Hansen. And on June 29, Mark became the father. Marilyn bore him a son.

Photo: @marilynkerro_official
Photo: @marilynkerro_official

“Welcome to the new world, Kaius - William Hansen. You are my miracle, I love you! - wrote Kerro on Instagram. - The birth of a child is the birth of a mother. She did not exist before, yes, there was a woman, but not a mother. Now I am by right a mother, this is part of my development, both spiritual and physical. ”

One thing saddens Marilyn: time runs too fast, her baby changes too quickly.

“I try to memorize and appreciate every moment.I try to spend as much time as possible consciously, inhale every moment, because it is wonderful, ”says the young mother.

Eva Longoria

Star "Desperate Housewives" at 43 years old for the first time became a mother. On June 19, she gave birth to a boy who was named Santiago Enrique Baston. Father baby - businessman Jose Baston. Jose is an experienced dad, from past relationships he already has three children. And here was born the fourth.

A week after giving birth, Eva laid out a touching photo with her son's heels.

“I really like this photo. It will remind you that no matter how big Santiago will grow up, it will always be my baby. ”

Photo: @evalongoria
Photo: @evalongoria
Photo: @evalongoria
Photo: @evalongoria
Photo: @evalongoria

Two months after the birth of the child, the actress withdrew from the decree. And in order not to move away from the baby, he takes it with him to work.

“See who my assistant is! He has a desk and everything else! ”The famous mother shared with her son.

Ksenia Strizh

For the first time, 51-year-old Ksenia Strizh also became a mother. Radio host took the child from the orphanage. Now 15-year-old Nikita from Chelyabinsk has a full-fledged family.

Ksenia’s husband Andrei Susikov is 17 years younger.He always supports Xenia, and so he agreed to become a father with joy.

It was necessary, of course, to go through an uneasy adoption procedure. Graduate school of adoptive parents, get a certificate. But the couple coped with all the trials, and now Ksenia and Andrey deservedly became parents.

Photo: @strizh_official
Photo: @strizh_official

Brigitte Nielsen (ex-wife Stallone)

A sex symbol from the 90s, glamorous blonde Brigitte Nielsen is famous for the role of Redhead Sony in the film about Conan the Barbarian with Schwarzenegger. She was also married to Sylvestre Stallone. True, they have not lived in marriage for two years. But both can boast of rich offspring. Stallone has two sons and three daughters from the first and third marriages.

And Brigitta, the mother of four sons, gave birth to her first daughter this summer. The momentous event happened on June 22 - just three weeks before the 55th anniversary of Nielsen.

The girl was named Frida. The baby's father is the 39-year-old bartender Mattia Dess. With him, Brigitte has been married for 12 years.

Photo: @realbrigittenielsen
Photo: @realbrigittenielsen
Photo: @realbrigittenielsen

Candice Swanepoel

The 29-year-old supermodel and one of Victoria’s Secret angels has become a double mom. June 19, she gave birth to a boy, who was named Ariel.At the same time, the eldest son of the model Anakan is not yet two years old. The boys' father is model Hermann Nicoli.

To give birth to Candace preferred at home. Fortunately, the delivery was uneventful. Now the model in its blog actively promotes breastfeeding, inspiring young mothers by example.

“Many women refuse breastfeeding because of pain, discomfort and lack of paid maternity leave. Therefore, the support of society is so important for young mothers. ”

In addition, stresses Candace, breastfeeding helps burn up to 600 calories per day. And judging by the figure of the supermodel, this “training” really works.

Photo: @angelcandices
Photo: @angelcandices

Adriana Sklenarikova (the most long-legged woman in the world)

Slovak top model Adriana Sklenarikova was at the peak of fame in the 90s. Then she was recognized as the owner of the longest legs in the world. Adriana is now 46 years old, and this summer she first became a mother.

August 17, the model gave birth to a girl. Baby called Nina.

“Just now, at this age, I felt the desire to become a mother. There was no such thing before, ”adriana admitted not so long ago.

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