100 reasons why I love you

In this master class you will learn how to decorate a jar with pleasant notes about, for example, love. To create a jar with notes, take the following materials and tools:
  • - a round glass jar;
  • - lace ribbon;
  • - white cotton thread;
  • - red felt with a thickness of 3 mm;
  • - color paper for printing red A4;
  • - thin A4 cardboard;
  • - halves of beads for pearls;
  • - scissors;
  • - scissors with a figured edge;
  • - needle and white thread;
  • - transparent universal glue "Dragon".
100 reasons why I love you
For the notes "100 reasons why I love you", create and type a text. If fantasy fails - find the text on the Internet. Format the text as follows: put the Monotype Corsiva font size 16, paragraph at intervals before and after 36. Print the text on the colored paper in red.
100 reasons why I love you
Cut the text on the strips with scissors.
100 reasons why I love you
While running the paper strips along the scissors blade, twist the strips with the text inside.
100 reasons why I love you
Roll each strip into a scroll and tie a white cotton thread into a knot.
100 reasons why I love you
Decorate the lid of the jar. To do this, draw a circle on a red felt by circling the lid of the can with a pen. Cut out the circle.
100 reasons why I love you
Glue the felt circle onto the lid of the jar with transparent universal glue. Draw on the felt a rectangle width more than the height of the lid and equal to the perimeter of the lid. Apply transparent glue to the rectangle.

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