10 Ways to Upgrade a Bedroom with a Budget of Less Than $ 100

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If youfeel that the moral age of your bedroom exceeds the age of dinosaurs, then this is the first bell to the fact that the time has come to update it. TheMake-Selfteam has collected10 ways to update your bedroomwith a budget of less than $ 100.

1. Painting the walls. Budget wallpapers.

The tangible effect of updating the bedroom can be achieved through painting the walls. But not simple, but in the style ofombre. Such a gradient color in recent years has become very popular. You can do it yourself, without the involvement of professionals. On how to paint the walls in the style of ombra, read. You can also paint the walls in style. Find out also.

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If you want more dramatic changes in the appearance of the walls of your bedroom, then pay attention to the photo wallpaper. The price of printing one square meter of photo wallpaper isabout $ 10.You can print any landscape or photo and self-paste over one of the walls of the room. Take a look at.

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2. Headboard.

He turned an old wooden headboard into a masterpiece offor $ 44. If you already have a wooden headboard, use it as a base. All you need is a cloth, buttons, foam rubber and basic sewing accessories. This one element is able to transform the bedroom. Detailed description of the project. Take a look also -.

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3. The floor in the bedroom.

In each house there arethe two most important components - the floor and the roof. We do not spend a lot of time looking at the roof of our house, but we spend many hours a day interacting with the floor. Regardless of whether we are sitting on it, walking or standing. Unless of course you can walk the ceiling likeSpiderman. Take a look at which you can do yourself.

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4. Updating the cabinet using wallpaper.

If your bedroom has a bulky and boring wardrobe, then you just need to update it with bright wallpapers. Detailed description of the project. We also talked about earlier.

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5. Furniture upgrade.

Updating old furniture is more affordable than buying new. In addition, the old furniture is more qualitative and carries a historical memory. Take a look at.

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6. Lighting in the bedroom.

If you adhere to the statement that size is not important, then this project will convince you of the opposite. A giant lamp, rope, wire and desire will help realize this wonderful project that will transform the bedroom. Detailed description of the project.

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7. Wall gallery.

With the help of numerous photographs and illustrations on the wall, you can dramatically change the appearance of the bedroom. Take a look at.

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8. Hanging shelves in the bedroom.

The extra shelf will never interfere, and especially if it is a hanging shelf that preserves the useful space in the room.Take a look at.

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9. Mirror in the bedroom.

We all know that a mirror is able to visually enlarge the space and reflects your personal style if you make it yourself. Take a look at.

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10. Bed-podium.

Today, the bed-bed has won leading positions in modern interiors, especially where there is a style. That's because this bed looks really stylish and modern. The beds-podiums differ from traditional ones by some design features. Take a look at.

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