10 tricky ways to remove stains that every hostess should take note.

As they say, "there are spots on the sun". And what to say about clothes or carpets! Here you can arrange the whole competition: the only people who do not manage to dirty things, and the children - all the more.

If you doubt that washing powder will save a favorite thing from the stain or the family budget does not allow in the near future to turn todry cleaning services- Check out some tricks suggested in this article. Perhaps they really will be useful to you!

How to remove stains

1. Oil paints
Stains from oil paints are well removed using a mixture of acetone, gasoline and turpentine, diluted in equal parts.

2. Ink
Ink stains are easily removed with fresh milk.

spot3. Dampness
Stains from damp enough to wipe with a clean cloth, which must be moistened with serum yogurt.

Rust stains are removed from white fabrics with a solution of hydrosulfite and water, which must be mixed 1:10. For a colored fabric, such a solution should not be used - it quickly discolors matter.

5. Stains on colored fabric
To make the colored fabric look like new after washing, mix glycerin and grated soap in equal proportions, add a little water and cut the stain with this solution for about a day. Then wash as usual.

6. Grass
The easiest way to remove stains of grass or flowers is to dissolve a tablespoon of table salt in a glass of water. Soak your clothes in this solution, and then wash them in warm water.

7. Engine oil
Such stains are easy to clean using dishwashing detergent. Rub the problem spot with a small amount and leave for half an hour. Then wash as usual.

dirty pants8. Coffee and cocoa
Such stains are best treated with liquid ammonia mixed in half with water, or wiped with a mixture of egg white and glycerin.

9. Chocolate

Chocolate stains are easy to remove. It is enough to wipe it with a solution of ammonia or rinse in highly salted water.

10. Fruits and berries
To remove such stains, it is necessary to dilute glycerin and vodka in a 1: 1 ratio, or slightly hold the cloth over the dishes with boiling water and immediately wipe with vinegar.

berryWe hope our advice will be useful to you.

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