10 most stylish bags of the season autumn-winter 2017/2018

Women's handbags have long ceased to have only practical value. Now fashionable bags are a fitting, stylish accessory that adds style to any outfit. In addition, a fashionable handbag will help highlight your personality and lift your spirits. Today we will share with you10 most trendy models of bags fall-winter 2017/2018.

1. Fur is at hand

One of the most popular trends in the field of bags is fur in all its manifestations. It can serve as a finishing material for some elements, as well as be the base material from which the entire bag is made.

Especially popular is the red fur.

This season, the designers found pieces of fur a new use - they used it to trim the handles of their bags. So did many famous brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Giorgio Armani.

2. The more the better!

The love of sporty style has led the world's fashion houses to a completely unusual decision: to bring huge and almost bottomless bags into fashion.

Shoppers, bags, bags and fashionable bags, with which you can go to the store or go on a journey, are represented in the collections of Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander and Acne Studios.

3. Reptiles attack!

Exotic motifs are always in trend, and in the upcoming season “crocodile” handbags will be in fashion.

The brighter and more unusual your “reptilian” bag is, the better.

4. Monoluk taxis!

Monoluki every year gaining great popularity.

But the creation monolukov, repeating color, pattern and texture of the dress - a difficult and painstaking process.

5. Who is clutch?)

Simple laconic clutches with confidence back to the fashion world of bags.

And for a special occasion or a solemn event, you can choose a clutch decorated with crystals, sequins, embroidery or beads.

6. Small, yes ugly!

Keyring bags - small and incredibly cute handbags, which will add a special personality to your image.

Mini bag can be combined with a regular bag of the same style.

7. Nothing fits? Take the bag!

Convenient bags - the bag can have different sizes, and thanks to the round bottom in the bag will fit a lot of necessary things.

Suede, leather, fabric fashionable bags, complemented by decorative details, will look stylish and unobtrusive.

8. Unusually

Leaving the classics behind, the designers turned on the fantasy.

On fashionable catwalks appeared reminiscent of either an apple, or a heart, a huge wallet from your grandmother's youth and other unusual models of handbags.

9. Suitcase in the studio!

In the coming season at the height of popularity will also be bags-suitcases.

The distinctive features of suitcases are geometrically regular shapes (most often, a square or rectangle), retro prints and massive fasteners.

10. Attention, decor!

The famous designers paid attention not only to the form, but also to the decor of the bags. Fashionable patterns, embroidery, applique, rivets and much more. The more on the purse of jewelry, the more interesting and beautiful it will look!

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