10 most popular dishes of German cuisine

In every national cuisine there are especially popular dishes. And what are the Germans most fond of? Let's find out!

German cuisine features

German traditional cuisine is a blend of traditions from numerous regions. Moreover, some traditions are long-standing and are rooted in Roman times. Then in Germany lived the ancient Germans, who knew a lot about food. And today, each region has its own special recipes.

Before listing the most popular dishes, you should find out some features of the national cuisine. To get started is to list the most popular products:

  • Pork. She is present on the table not only on holidays, but also on ordinary weekdays. It is estimated that each average German eats about 85 kilograms of meat per year.
  • Bread is the head for everything. And the Germans fully agree with this statement, so without bread they do not begin a single meal. In total, there are about 500 varieties in Germany.And for cooking is usually used rye or wheat flour, sometimes with the addition of sunflower seeds, pumpkin.
  • Vegetables, beans, greens. They can be a part of thick soups, which are very popular among the native Germans. Also, vegetables are cooked and served on a side dish for meat dishes. Especially popular are almost all types of cabbage, peas, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and lettuce.
  • Also the menu includes fish, and it can be combined with meat (for example, in sausages).

Now you should write separately about cooking methods. The most popular and, of course, not the most useful is frying. But also more useful boiling and stewing are popular.

As for drinks, Germany, of course, is famous for beer, and here there are many different varieties. In addition, the Germans willingly consume schnapps.

Popular dishes

Now it is worth presenting the top 10 best German dishes:

1. Sausages. It is believed that about 1,500 different varieties are produced in Germany, and it is simply impossible to single out any particular one, since everyone is very tasty and deserves attention. It is noteworthy that any gourmet will find something to their liking, because there are both smoked sausages and boiled ones.

In addition, the popular varieties of liver, made from offal, as well as the so-called hemlock, the main components of which is blood. Sausages are present at the festive tables, and in the daily diet. Most often they are served with bread, which, as you know, is also a fundamental component of the national cuisine.

2. Sausages(they are called sausages in Germany) are also quite popular and are presented in a wide variety of variations. Traditionally used for cooking pork, but may well include some other components.

For example, "bokvurst" is boiled-smoked sausages from Berlin, they are prepared from beef and pork with the addition of cumin, muscat, ginger and coriander. Weisswurst is white sausages, which are usually made of pork and tender veal and boiled with parsley. Hamburg sausages are made from veal and fish. Volvurst have no shell and are made of pork and veal in Hamburg. And this is not a complete list.

3. Sauerkraut or Sauerkraut. It is considered a national German dish, and its name is even used in English.The Germans themselves are so fond of sauerkraut, that sometimes they are jokingly called "Krauts". Cabbage is usually cooked without carrots and other vegetables (as, for example, in Russia); for this, salt and sometimes vinegar are traditionally used.

This appetizer is served to a variety of dishes, but most often it is stewed or fried and used as a side dish for meat or fish (sometimes fried onions are also added). It is perfectly combined with beer.

4. Strudel- This is a traditional German flour dish, which is a roll of rolled-up dough with filling. Usually, sheet thin dough is used. The filling can be any, but the most popular options are apples and cherries.

Although it is possible to use the cream (this filling was one of the first), berries, cottage cheese with the addition of vanilla or poppy seeds. The strudel is served hot with ice cream or whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

5. Baked pork knuckle or iceberg. This dish is usually present on the holiday table. By the way, the title is translated as "ice foot", and there are two explanations for this. First, the shank is usually cooked in the winter at Christmas, and at this time it is stored frozen.Secondly, in cooked form, the crust shines so that it becomes like ice.

How to cook icebayn? Germans first stew shank, so that it becomes even softer and more tender, and then baked in the oven. And to get the dish a special spicy taste, use garlic and a traditional drink - beer.

6. Potato SaladThis is one of the most famous dishes of German cuisine, which is usually served as a side dish. And he prepares quite simple. In general, there is no definite classical recipe, every hostess has its own tricks.

But the main ingredient, of course, is potatoes. And used boiled, the so-called wax, which is not boiled. Potatoes are cut and mixed with onions, pickled cucumbers, fried bacon and other products that are on hand. As a dressing, you can use yogurt or sour cream.

7. Marzipan. It is not known for sure which country is the birthplace of this confectionery product, but Germany also claims to be this title. Usually, marzipan is made from almonds and sugar powder or syrup.

First, the almonds are crushed to a powdery state, then mixed with powder or syrup. The result is a thick mixture with a delicate flavor.Such product is added to candies and various confectionery. And from it you can make a delicious liqueur.

8. Aintopf- This is a thick soup, which is usually cooked in broth or in water. It can replace both the first dish and the second. The composition can be different. So, vegetables (carrots, cabbage, potatoes), beans, pasta, meat, sausages and other meat products are usually used. The name literally translates as “one pan”, and this dish appeared, if you believe one of the legends, in a peasant family, in which the hostess wanted to feed all the household members with tasty food.

9. Spetzle- this is, in fact, egg pasta with irregular, porous and rather coarse surface. They can be oblong ("shpattsen") or round ("knepfle"). Most often the spelled are used as a side dish, but can also be served as a separate dish with some additives, for example, with cheese.

10. Black Forest cake "Black Forest". This is a traditional German dessert, which is a chocolate-cherry cake. In it there is a chocolate biscuit, which is soaked with cherry syrup and promazyvaetsya cream.But sometimes the filling is a thick cherry mass, similar to jelly.

Be sure to try these dishes to cook!

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