10 ideas for one-room apartment zoning

interior room zoning

Dividing a room into zones allows you to expand the space and use each centimeter of usable area effectively. The correct approach to the assignment will improve the quality of life and eliminate the cramped. Take note of design tips - make your home comfortable and practical.

Zoning Options

how to zone a room

When dividing space into zones, the following items and devices are used:

  • walls and partitions;
  • niches and curtains;
  • Mirrors and lights;
  • Podium;
  • wallpaper and shelving.

All ideas for a one-room apartment are good in their own way and have special advantages. Before carrying out the assignment, determine the objectives and materials used. Try to prioritize and highlight the important points in the arrangement of furniture.


visual room separation

Functional walls at the same time can be interior items and options for the division of territory. On them you place accessories or frequently used items. Using the wall, you can easily emphasize the dignity of the room and hide its flaws.


how to divide a room with a partition

Partitions are used to highlight the work area and the sleeping area. Apply plaster and textile materials, glass and mirror, wood and plastic.

Place a bed or work area behind the partition. This solution will increase the comfort and expand the boundaries of the usable area. Partitions for zoning rooms with soundproofing will help to get rid of extraneous noise during the rest.


living room zoning

A bed is placed in a niche to hide the sleeping area from prying eyes. You can try to hide a bed on the basis of the wardrobe compartment. Curtains are the easiest way to zoning.


curtains for dividing space

Choosing the right fabric, you can correctly divide the area into areas and decorate the interior. Curtains are a versatile option for zoning a room. They do not take up a lot of space, so they are very much in demand in this area.


screen for dividing the room

Behind the screen it is very convenient to place a household corner in which bed linen, household goods or a wardrobe are stored. Best to place the design closer to the corner of the room, so as not to sacrifice useful space.


how to divide the room into two

Mirrors, when properly illuminated, make space free and open. They add depth to the surrounding space. Depending on the placement method, the mirror creates various visual effects. Reflective abilities make the room spacious, voluminous, roomy and bright. But do not overdo it with the number of mirrors.Their abundance will spoil the interior and the overall impression of the room.


lighting a room divided into 2 zones

It is recommended to place the bed in a far dark corner of the room, which reaches the minimum amount of main light. So she will not attract attention, and guests will not visually perceive the room as a bedroom. When choosing, keep an eye on the size. In a small room should not be too bulky lamps and plenty of light.


Choose bright wallpapers with small decorative patterns to expand the space. A glossy surface will be a good choice - due to the reflective effect, they will expand the space.


how to divide the living room into two zones

Shelving will increase the functionality of the space and effectively divide it into zones. In conjunction with the podium, they will help to clearly place accents and divide the working areas. Shelves in different degrees can perform decorative and functional tasks.


By installing the bed on the rise, you effectively use the useful area of ​​the room. An excellent idea for a studio apartment would be to place a bar on this design. The podium always favorably complements the room and gives it a special extravagance.

visual division of the room

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