10 hypnotizing animations of Japanese carpentry art

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For many centuries before the invention of screws and fasteners,Japanesemasters used complex, intertwining joins of wooden structures and beams, which created a unique Japanese>aesthetics, which can still be seen in the works ofmodern masters

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Connection "Niju mizu kumi tsugi"

二 重水 組 み 継 ぎ Niju-mizu-kumi-tsugi pic.twitter.com/0vLifW7uud

- The Joinery (@TheJoinery_jp) on August 10, 2016

Connection "Kawai tsugite"

Until recently, this knowledge was carefully kept secret and passed on to the heirs. But a few years ago a young Japanese carpenter began to collect books and magazines devoted to this art of joining wooden parts and used materials to create three-dimensional animated illustrations.

河 合 継 手 Kawai-tsugite pic.twitter.com/WQwxeZ7t4M

- The Joinery (@TheJoinery_jp) May 17, 2016

Connection "Hako kakushi tsugi"

Thanks toFusion360software and woodworking skills, he started creating animations and tweeted them.

箱 隠 し 継 ぎ Hako-kakushi-tsugi pic.twitter.com/1pXO6v1RhE

- The Joinery (@TheJoinery_jp) May 31, 2016

Ari nimai hozo sashi shikuchi Connection

At the moment there are more than80 animationsconnections of wooden parts using Japanese technology.

Nowadays, the complex compounds required to create these compounds have become too expensive to justify their use in standard architecture and furniture manufacturing. But with the advent of 3D printing, it is possible to bring to life. They will not only be accessible, but also the most reliable.

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