10 dishes that you must try in Petersburg

Delicious desserts, special coffee and other specialties of the city.

“In St. Petersburg there is,” we paraphrase the famous song of Sergei Shnurov. According to the agency “Turstat”, last year St. Petersburg became the second after Moscow in the rating of the most popular destinations for gastro tour in Russia. And that's what you should definitely try in the city on the Neva.


It is hard to imagine a St. Petersburg man who, in his childhood, did not run after classes to the nearest pyshechnuyu for a butter ring sprinkled with powdered sugar. The name "fluff" comes from the word "puff" - doused with heat. Just do not confuse them with donuts - Polish sweet balls with filling, which appeared much later than our buns. And the donuts differ from the American donut, or donation, in the composition of the dough.

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Leningrad pickle

The word “pickle”, as you might guess, comes from pickle - it is added to the broth along with finely chopped pickles.In St. Petersburg pickle is special: in the Soviet years it became a classic to add pearl barley, carrots and potatoes to it, which is why the soup is called Leningrad pickle. But the kidneys, as in Moscow, do not add.


In spring, Petersburg is filled with the smell of cucumber, and in fact - smelt, or “cucumber fish”. Of course, this little relative of salmon is found not only in the Gulf of Finland, but it smells like cucumber only here. Smelt is cooked in marinade, wine sauce, salted, baked, stuffed. But the easiest and most popular way is to fry in oil.

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Beef stroganoff

This dish was invented in the nineteenth century for Count Alexander Stroganov, who, by his old age, had problems with his teeth. The chef cut the beef into small pieces and fried it along with the gravy. Stroganoff meat became so popular that after World War II it was included in the international restaurant kitchen as a “Russian dish”.

Cake "Leningrad"

“That very“ Leningradsky ”is for connoisseurs of tradition,” modern confectioners advertise their products. An inexpensive and tasty recipe was invented in 1960: shortbread dough cakes, a delicate cream of boiled condensed milk, chocolate icing on top. The cake instantly became popular.

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